Pregnant Wife Records Her Ultrasound, Then Doctors See It And Tell Her To Stop Filming


Jessica Capitani was thrilled as her ultrasound began, but soon the doctor would have news that repeats in her mind 10 years later. It was completely natural for her to be excited to find out the gender of her baby, to bring family along to the appointment, and to film the happy moment. However, things took a turn when the doctor began telling her things she wasn’t necessarily prepared for. He looked at her and said something she has never forgotten since that day: “You probably don’t want to videotape this.”

After seeing the ultrasound and getting test results back, Dr. John Repke informed her of her unborn son’s health conditions that would be seen once he was born. The news hit her hard, and she could barely listen to all he was telling her through the cries that came uncontrollably. Despite the news, she was looking forward to her precious Caden’s birth as much as she ever had. Only after he was born would she be able to know if the doctor was right or wrong about everything.

A decade after the shocking news came, Jessica and her 10-year-old son planned a trip to Dr. Repke’s office. This time it would be the two of them giving him a few words. Watch what incredible things they have to say in the heart-melting video below!