Doctor sees stray cat suffocating in door, runs to her rescue when he sees where she’s trapped


A stray cat got in big trouble one day, when she decided to stroll into a hospital. At least, she tried. The cat didn’t get too far, because as she was walking through the rotating doors, her little white body got stuck between the glass panels.

She was stuck so tight, it made it hard to breathe and she began to suffocate. The ER doctor, Halil Akyürek, was among the staff that ran to help her. “The cat’s neck was totally stuck”, Halil said,“I put my hand on the back of his head and properly removed him from the door. We immediately began CPR.”

Halil massaged it’s heart, then put on an oxygen mask.

After giving her the proper medicines, she thankfully began to recover.

The stray received the fitting name, ‘Miracle’.

Halil had bonded with the little feline so much, he decided to take her home and make sure she never got hurt again.

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I’m so happy they were able to save her!

Watch the video to see the whole thing!

he looks amazing after her recovery. The doctor was SO kind!

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