He Takes His Baby Daughter’s Head in His Hands and Starts Singing- Her Reaction is Melting Everyone’s Hearts


There’s that kind of strong connection that keeps the family bond building up between a dad and his daughter. Maybe it’s because dads know how to make the little princess’s happy? This video has something close to that!

Here we’ve a dad who seems all deep in love with his little daughter, and then we’ve the cute little princess that seems to have quite a knack for dad’s lovely voice, and so much that the “old man” can’t help it but have to sing a few stanzas for the kid. Well, you’ll have to wait till he actually starts his thing before the magic starts.

To complete his mission, the dad takes the small 2-month-old lady’s head in his arms and looks her straight in the eye, and then he goes on to belt out the lyrics to Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” He’s making progress!

The cute child can’t stop smiling. At some point, she even reaches out to him. This is just breathtaking. Watch and feel the love flow between these two.
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