Dad Reads Book About ‘Dada’ To Baby Only Funny 1st Word Out Baby’s Mouth Not What Dad Wanted


Hearing a baby’s first word is a milestone every parent looks forward to. Whether a parent wants to admit it or not they secretly want to be the first word out of their child’s mouth so they utter phrases such as “mama” or “dada” to them, patiently waiting for the right time to come along when the baby will choose what first word to say. That was certainly the case for the young mom and dad in the video below when their baby started muttering odd phrases. They knew it’d be close to the time when their baby boy would finally get his first word out, they just had no idea when that would happen.
On this particular day dad choose a book called “Dada” to read to his baby boy. The book goes through different animal noises followed by the word dada. Dad lies next to his baby boy and flips through the pages as he begins making various different animal noises. The first is a cow so dad starts to moo followed by the word “dada”. Dad is quite good at the animal noises and mom looks on adoringly at her little family as she records the entire scene. Little does she know she’s about to capture a hilarious moment they never could have seen coming.