Neighbor Opens Front Door And Sees Toddler Who’s Been Missing For 2 Days Alone With Pit Bull


In June 2018, a two-year-old girl named Charlee Campbell disappeared from her grandparent’s home in the rural town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky.

Charlee’s grandmother woke up to find the front door open. Charlee, who has autism and is often non-verbal, was missing. So was her pit bull, Penny.

Authorities, search crews, bloodhounds and volunteers scoured the expansive wooded area for any sign of the little girl, but with no luck.

36 hours after Charlee’s disappearance became the talk of the town, a neighbor named Wayne Brown was sitting on his couch, praying she’d be found safe.

Just then, Wayne saw something standing in his yard — a tiny blonde-haired girl…

Charlee was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

“We cannot thank enough the firefighters, EMT’s, dispatchers, search teams, other public safety agencies and the volunteer searchers from the community,” authorities said on Facebook.

Police are currently conducting an investigation into the disappearance.