Big Tortoise Lets Himself Into The House


They might have a reputation for being reclusive animals, but believe it or not, some tortoises like to enjoy some quality family time.

Dad was hanging out inside the house on a sunny afternoon, when who else but his pet tortoise decided he’d had enough of the warm sun on his shell. Good thing Dad had his camera ready, because he caught the big guy taking matters into his own hands and (very slowly) busting through the screen door all by himself. I can’t stop laughing at how this tortoise slowly but surely wriggles his way inside. These animals aren’t exactly known for their speed, but I’m guessing he had no pressing matters to attend to, other than coming inside for his afternoon snack. We’ve seen the brilliance of doggie doors before, but this guy is proof that they need to make doors specifically designed for tortoises.

Did you know? Jonathan, a Seychelles giant tortoise living on the island of St Helena may be as old as 182. If this is true, he could be the current oldest living animal on the planet.

I’m pretty sure it’s not even possible to have a bad day after watching this hilarious moment. And now comes the hard part… time to head back outside

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