Picky dog wouldn’t eat her dry food unless it’s cooked, so dad comes up with brilliant plan


If you have kids, you know how they can sometimes act picky on stuff. Some pets are also picky, although most of them don’t really exercise this behavior. Well, if you’ve a smart pet, it might have escaped your notice that they too can pull a fast one. The dog in this video is such picky a one, but the owner is smarter!

Luna is a Golden Retriever that doesn’t like uncooked food. In fact, she won’t eat anything that she hasn’t personally “supervised” its cooking, and the owner knows that. On this day, the owner wasn’t in the mood to cook stuff, so he gave some uncooked for to Luna. As usual, Luna declined the offer, so the owner had to come up with other means to cajole the dog into eating. What he did? LOL!

He just put the food in the oven and switched on the lights. Luna was inspecting the whole process, so she figured the food was now cooked, and she devoured it like “nobody’s business!”

This is too hilarious to skip. Watch the full clip and SHARE with all your Facebook buddies. I can’t stop laughing!