Man Has Enough Of Package Thiefs, Sets A Hilarious Glitter Trap


In many places around the world, people are facing a problem that does not seem to end. Suppliers deliver the package to people’s houses, but then often thiefs simply steal the package and claim them for their own.

This has happened to Mark Rober several times in the past, so he decided to take revenge these days.

For six months, he developed a special package into which he inserted four mobile phones along with a special mechanism that endowed the thieves with an unexpected gift.

In the package, there were also glitters, which were dispersed when the package was opened.

To make revenge even smoother, Mark also equiped with the spray, which released unpleasant odors every few seconds. The package was also equipped with a GPS tracker, even if everything was compiled so that videos would be uploaded online even if the package would not be found.

Look at how imaginative Mark Rober was on his revenge on those who steal his packages. Lesson learned?

Source: klipland