Little Girl Gets Stuck While Walking Horse in Snow – Horse’s Comeback Is Melting Hearts Everywhere


Justin Dunn is an experienced horse trainer living in his ranch down in Colorado. He has this big horse named Cinnamon. Well, he also has a cute little daughter named Emma, and this is her story. You see, Emma may look small and fragile, but her heart is a giant!

Little Emma has managed to forge quite a nice relationship with Cinnamon, and the two no longer need introductions and long conversations to decide whether they’ll go for a walk in the snow or not. All Emma has to do is take the reins and start walking, and Cinnamon will be the happiest horse to trot right behind her. This is nice already!

In the video, you see Emma with the rope in her hand. She likes walking in the snow. Behind her is huge Cinnamon, a horse of largely positive character that won’t try to go out of step with her little human friend. See how she reacts when Emma gets in a little trouble with her rope!

You just want to watch this whole clip and endorse this great friendship right away.