Monster Was Caught Beating Puppy In A Fit Of Rage – Then He Feels The Law, Got 10 Years!


Animal violence is just one step away from any other kind of violence, the world is starting to realize the connection more and more, just like we can see in the judge’s decision in the Collin County judge’s decision on Tuesday…
A really good and hard sentence was handed down to this guy to give justice to a small victim with no voice, justice was served!

Mark Rusch, the judge who did the sentencing gave out a sentence of 12 years to Andrew Callaway for animal cruelty along with probation violations too…

The guy stamped and beat his boxer puppy, he threw him against the wall, it really sparked outraged, an understandably too!

The poor animal had multiple broken bones, and even with the very best attempts to save him, they were forced to euthanize him and relieve him of his terrible suffering.

As a symbolic protest and in an attempt to bring the justified gravity of the offense to everyone the protesters brought a box to the court with the ashes of the puppy!
Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said:

“It’s not ok to hurt an animal.”

The sentence sends a really clear message about the consequences of such terrible acts and that the abuse will not be tolerated in the least bit…

Willis said:

The sense out there in our community, I think this is true across the nation, is that animal cruelty will be tolerated there’s no excuse for it and can’t be tolerated …So we need to send a strong message to people out there who abuse or hurt animals.”

The guy was convicted but maintained that he attacked the dog in a fit of rage but then deeply regretted it afterward he did it.

Willis went on to say:

“There are all sorts of studies out there that show a correlation between people who abuse animals will also hurt humans …We have to make sure that we have an evidence-based prosecution. Sometimes things happen and we don’t have the evidence for a strong case. In this case, we did have the evidence and it helped.”