Homeless Puppy Interrupts 15-year-old Photo Session And Takes Center Stage


The second main character loved to be a dog.
“She was so loving and bright that she accepted the offer,” said photography expert Nestor Nunez, who posted her work online. Photos speak better than words.

Olivia Nunez Zaragoza was a young woman who wanted to make this moment in history, but she didn’t know she had a big part to do. The entire photo shoot was accompanied by a quinceañera smile, and she took the dog on her lap.

According to animal lovers, dogs can get better at any moment. “Regardless of the version, they bring a unique pleasure and sensation by their mere presence, which makes every second extraordinary,” noted several users.

A strange photo session took place in the Plaza de la Vigia in Cuba, where various events were organized for the female beauty. “We were nervous about the fifteenth session, and when she approached with curiosity because of the schedule and the sun, I signaled Olya,” Nester recalls how that rare moment happened.

The visit was very pleasant, as the creature was quite cute and boldly leaned on the girl’s clothes. Network amateur photographers called the post “Los quince de Firulais.”

“The rest: Olivia, who not only touched him, but also sat down, and the beaming Firule, who loved to kneel at their suggestion,” the photographer noted. “Such a wonderful quinceañera with such a beautiful smile. She liked it, and it can be seen in the photo, ”said one of the users who noticed the post. The photo has received over 5,000 likes on Instagram and Facebook. She also created pho.

A few comments: “The best present she could have received”, “They look like XV Firule, and a fifteen year old girl looks like a bride”, “How wonderful the girl’s sympathy when playing with a dog, her modesty is above all. . “.

The photographer noted that, despite the good nature of the puppy, Nester had many pets and could not take him home. However, he asked people to take in street animals that need attention.

Some comments from various users on the post indicated that the puppy was adopted by a foster family, however this information was not confirmed by the photographer.