Pidgeon Joins Street Performer In Melbourne jamming and dancing along to busker playing Robin Thicke’s


Music is a pleasure to many, and without it, life is difficult to imagine. But at music, more than obviously, not only people are impressed, but also animals.

These days, a video clip was placed on the web in which the pigeon joined the street performer during his act.

This hilarious scene was captured in Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia, where a street musician played one of the songs. A crowd gathered around him, and the reason for this was something very special.

He was joined by a pigeon at his performance, and the bird stole all the attention with its dance steps.

The video is already a real sensation on the web, as within just a week, almost 7 million people have watched it already on 9GAG’s Facebook Page. Will the pigeon take over you too with its epic dance steps?

Source: klipland