Man with Down syndrome saved up for years for his dream custom suit – and it was so worth it


We all have little dreams that may seem silly to other people, but their realization will be of great importance to us.

Founded by Stephen Richards Jr., Richards Bespok is known not only in Nashville, Tennessee, but across the country for its amazing suits for men and women.

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Many people, even football celebrities like Patrick Mahomes, love Stefan’s work and he is openly supportive of his clients.

One of Stephanie’s special clients is John, who has Down Syndrome.

A few years ago, after his father tried on clothes, he dreamed of buying custom-made clothes from John Richards.

John is 48″ tall and 42″ chest so he can’t afford a suit, so he sends Richards Bispock to help.

John Krogert worked part-time and collected part of his earnings for his dream suit, which he bought to order his dream suit.

When John came to get his suit, Stefan was touched by his reaction. He said: “John came last week to pick up his suit and I will never forget his reaction. That’s why I do what I do.”

When Steven posted his photo on Facebook, he saw that John’s story inspired many people. He said: “When I posted John’s story on Facebook, I had no idea how positive it would be for the country and the world… When I first put on the suit, the smile on his face was priceless and reminded me why this was happening. . I do what I do. “That’s what I do.”