Kittens separated from their mother by 80 miles and miraculously reunited


Rescuers Wrenn in Ventura, California helped reunite them, and the heartbreaking rift between a mother and her four kittens proved to be exciting. As if abandoned by his mother, the kitten was transported 80 miles and surrounded by special care.

Homeowners in Downey, California found four 10-day-old kittens in their backyard, reports Love Meow. During the capture, the mother cat got scared and ran away, so only the kitten got to the local shelter. The shelter staff called for help, as they could not provide the kitten with the necessary care.

None of the local foster families could take care of the kittens, but a new source of help meant moving the kittens 80 miles, but not all was lost. Alice Smith, founder of Wrenn Rescue, told Love Meow, “Fortunately, the network team picked them up safely and delivered them to us from Ventura, California, by a wonderful woman named CJ.”

Ashley, a volunteer, led the night feeding and Jennifer Hurt, founder of Wrenn Rescues, led the daytime feeding.

Fortunately, the kittens were healthy. “Obviously, the mother cat took good care of Murray’s kitten. An orphaned kitten will never see her mother again when she enters the shelter,” Smith said.

The East Bay Humanitarian Association recommends that those who find an “abandoned” kitten be left in the care of their mother. Often the mother cat is looking for food, and sometimes, no matter how many hours it takes, she will return to the kitten and usually move it. If the kitten moves, he will not be able to find them.

That’s what happened to these little kids. When the owners returned, the mother cat was looking for her kitten. They grabbed the cat and took it to the shelter. The next day she met her kitten again.

The founders of Wrenn Rescues were willing to hand feed a kitten until he was weaned, but meeting the mother and her kitten was the right decision and it was fun to watch. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything so exciting,” Smith told Love Meow.

The mother and kitten were placed in a foster home and as they matured they were able to receive all the love and care they needed. Finally, all four kittens were ready to find permanent owners.