Shelter Dog is So Lonely That Someone is Trying to Shake Hands with Anyone Passing by


Before coming to the shelter, a dog named Speck had a difficult life. Although he took refuge there, he still wanted his house and his beloved master.

The dog was previously left to the street and his ingenuity, and the good people rescued him and transported him to the Bullock County Humane Society shelter, where he was offered a roof over his head and food. He fell in love with many volunteers at the shelter, and the dog repeatedly asked for more and more love. Each time anyone walked past his cage, he clutched his paws, desperately wanting a human touch.

Time was running erratically and Speck was not adopted by any family. He appreciated the warmth of the volunteers, but longed for his family. Every time people came to the shelter, he clutched his paws to be noticed. Still, no one has adopted him at that time.

That’s why one of the volunteers posted a video online of a Speck dog clutching her paw at her, letting her know he wanted love. The video circulated around the web instantly and touched many animal lovers. Just a few days later, he got new loving owners, and many other dogs were adopted at the shelter thanks to the video.

Source: Klipland