Simon And Garfunkel’s #1 Classic Hit Is Hauntingly Performed, Live By Josh Groban


It’s such a pleasure to hear a beautiful voice sing a truly beautiful song. When the two come together, it’s as if the heavens have parted and you’re in between this world and the divine. When our emotions become blurred, and we experience joy mixed with elation sprinkled with beauty and topped off with the truth, we can’t help but be moved. It’s the reason we listen to a piece of inspiring music in the first place! It speaks to us, reflects our story.

Josh Groban knows this all too well. As an esteemed musician who has been creating evocative music since the beginning of his career, Josh produces and writes his own original music that seems to hit home every time. On top of that, Josh has been able to go back in time to breathe life into old classics and put on his own spin on things. He doesn’t take away from the classic, but he sure does add his own impressive flair. Remember that little ditty, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel?

Yeah, well Josh has taken it and added so much color and volume to an already great song, that it’s now become stunning. At the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City, Josh sits at his piano, bathed in haunting blue light. It’s only him and the song, as his voice and the music carry through the venue. The familiar lyrics are heard as they are joined by the adjoining orchestra. Josh is fully accompanied by a band and strings when a choir starts to chime in. This is one full production that doesn’t cease to amaze.

Together, everyone contributes to an incredible outward display of a classic song that has been ramped up and absolutely performed to perfection. The piece is drawn out but with Josh’s remarkable voice heard against the high production quality of the band, orchestra, and choir, it’s no wonder the audience is clapping and cheering in the background. Notice the hints of jazz and funk that give this timeless hit a whole new layer of depth. You might find yourself listening to this one a few times. It’s a masterpiece after all, especially since some of the greatest voices have sung it as well, including Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion.

Source: KlipLand