Baby Dwarf Goat Goes To Great Lengths To Befriend A Horse


So what’s to stop a baby dwarf goat from becoming best friends with a beautiful horse? Nothing, I suppose. We’ve seen a lot of unlikely friendships blossom on the Internet, but this takes the cake.

In this video posted by French YouTuber Virginie Bourdes, a curious baby goat walks up to a horse who is just chilling in his stable. Naturally, the goat wants to get on the horse’s level, so he truly “rises” to the occasion.

With the horse inside of the stable, Bibi the dwarf goat shifts his weight back to his hind legs and walks up to the horse. How? You’ll have to watch to see! I’ve never seen a goat do this before — he almost looks like an alien, waltzing around on his back legs!

While we only get to see a sort snippet of this budding friendship, I like to imagine that these two have a bright future together. Perhaps the horse, free from his stall, took Bibi the dwarf goat an a tour of the riding ring. Maybe Bibi taught her majestic equine friend to “bounce” as only goats know how.

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