Four-Year-Old Saves Home A Deep Burn From Fire


The network surrounds an image captured by a security camera in one of the houses.

There, a four-year-old girl noticed a fire in the kitchen and and then quickly ran for help – her father ran to the kitchen to prevent the fire from spreading too far.

Daniel Hermine left his potatoes on the fire in the kitchen and cooked the potatoes, which soon ended on fire. The chips were on fire and 4-year-old Amelia was the first to notice. She quickly ran to her father, who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

Dad grabbed the deep burner with his bare hands, pulled it out of the house, and threw it into the pool to put out the fire. The frying pan was completely destroyed and the fire also severely damaged the induction hob.

If the fire had not been noticed by a four-year-old girl, the fire would have spread so much that the family would have been left homeless. See how a little girl saved her house from a fire.