Loving Dog Brings Carrot To Hungry Horse


Some people underestimate the abilities of dogs. While most are aware that dogs can be potty trained, taught to walk on a leash, and be instructed to sit or heel on command, not everyone understands how helpful our canines at home can be with the right training.

For instance, some owners teach their dogs to fetch the newspaper every morning. Others might teach their dog to turn off the lights. Some might even instruct their canine to clean up their own toys when they’re not using them. It’s truly incredible what our furry friends are capable of doing.

In a video posted on Facebook by Tina LeVoir-Jones, we witness Tina’s intelligent dog feeding her hungry horse a carrot! It’s sweet and adorable on so many levels.

Immediately after Mom opens the back door, the highly-active canine begins sprinting at the speed of light in the video clip. He pops into the barn, then into the corral, and confidently hands the carrot to the horse without hesitation, no fears whatsoever!

I’m impressed already with the video, but if Tina can teach her horse to run out of the corral and into the home to give her dog a treat, my life would literally be made. And I guarantee that would immediately go viral!

Jokes aside, having her dog go out to feed the horse (and whatever else the canine is trained to do) surely makes Tina’s life easier. I think too often, we’re afraid to ask others for help when we have don’t have enough time in the day to complete each and every task before sundown. However, judging from the dog in the video, it’s clear that there are some living beings that are more than willing to help their loved ones when they ask!

Don’t believe us that the pup can deliver a carrot to his owner’s horse? Watch the video below!

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Source: metaspoon