Hospice Worker Didn’t Know He Was Being Recorded While Singing For Dying Teacher


n those days, a video clip from previous years was expanded over the web in which we can see really touching moments. The scenes were captured on camera by the older woman’s daughter-in-law, and the video has accumulated over 8 million views to date.

The reason for this is in the very special action of a boy who is employed as a caregiver in the hospice home for elderly people.

Mary Redmond was a teacher of singing and piano playing before retirement, and she was teaching many students in her rich career. One of them was also Joshua Woodard, who attended her singing and piano lessons since he was 9. Later, he got a job as a caregiver in the elderly home.

One day, Joshua recognized his former teacher, Mrs. Redmond. She was completely powerless, and she spent the last moments of her life in the hospice.

During the visit, he decided to pay her attention for all the hours she spent with him when he was a child. Joshua really respected his ex-teacher!

There he sang one of her favorite songs, and her daughter-in-law captured a moving moment on her cell phone. Mrs. Redmond was laying on the bed steadily, and in the end she only said quietly: “Nice!”

Take a look at a wonderful video clip that will also tear yourself. Could young Joshua be an example to today’s youth?