Dog, Tethered His Entire Life, Finally Sees The Sea – His Surprising Reaction


German Shepherds are big dogs. And because they are big, people often get the wrong impressions about them. Some people can assume that they are aggressive, difficult to train, and harmful.

This is why Herschel, a German Shepherd, lived a very different life than most dogs. He spent 5 years in a backyard- neglected and chained up. But when he was taken for a dog’s day out, you can instantly see his happiness. It was like his face literally lit up.


Herschel was chained in the backyard of his previous owner. And if you take a closer look at him, you’ll see his teeth ruined from chewing up his chain in an attempt to break free. He was brought to the shelter twice and almost never made it out.

Fortunately, there was a miracle. FoundAnimals Adopt & Shop found Herschel and took him in. They were able to find a new forever home to the adorable and sweet dog in Washington.


The way from Los Angeles, California to Washington State was a long one but for Herschel, it was fun. On the way, he was able to eat his very first burrito, cake, and puppucino.

The highlight of the trip, however, was Herschel’s first time to see the ocean. The moment he saw the waves, he got really excited that he screamed like a human. It was unexpected and amusing at the same time.

And when Herschel set foot on the sand, he got even more excited. He was meeting the waves and jumping around. He was even trying to bite the waves which was really funny. He was just all over the place!

Herschel is one good reason to adopt dogs and avoid shopping from pet stores and puppy mills. Give dogs in the shelter a second chance in life. Allow them to experience what it’s like to grow with a family that’ll love them and take them for good.


Herschel is also one good example of why people need to think of their choices more carefully. You see, dogs have different traits and temperaments.

Before one gets a dog, it’s important to know if its traits and temperaments will match that of the owner or the family. It’s also a good idea to do your research first. Some dogs are more physically demanding than others. If you aren’t able to meet their demands, the dogs are just likely to end up like Herschel chained at the backyard.

Herschel’s first time to see the ocean is just heartwarming.

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