Kittens Don’t understand Humor can’t Figure out the Litter Box


This kitten melts the heart. Just look at the invaluable facet of this box as you try to figure out what it is for.

The most difficult task for the mother and father of the cat is to teach the little friend to use the litter box. I am not going to talk about the hardest things, some are set up very quickly. As practice shows, sooner or later everything goes well.

In any case, the kittens will learn over time, and for them it will already be an old hat. Until then, there may be some very interesting results. I love this video.


We see a kitten sitting on the toilet. He is confused. Why is he here? Is it in the giant sand? Kitten! He doesn’t know anything about building a sand castle. Wait. Isn’t it pretending to be on the beach? Oh … should he use it to go to the bathroom? Wait. Shouldn’t he be using the floor? Maybe that’s why her mother brought her here because she thought she needed to go to the toilet. What to do?

It’s funny to see this kitten trying to figure out what to do with the trash. “Hmm. I am sitting? Let’s dig in here. No, nothing will happen. Oh. Lift me up! ”

Then he got up and seemed to try to remain calm. We’ve all been there. Just be simple and straightforward. This is a ticket.