Mother Dog Cries For Help So Someone Will Help Save Her Puppies


There is no more important thing for every mother than keeping her children safe. This does not apply only for humans but also for animals.

A touching video landed online these days, in which good people responded to dog’s calls for help when her puppies were caught under ruins.

Due to past rain, one of the houses collapsed in India. The accident wanted the puppies to be trapped under the rubble – that is why their mother struggled to dig her puppies out, but she was not successful.

She cried with all her might and begged for help. Good people from the Animal Aid shelter soon arrived and quickly rolled up their sleeves.

Rescuers didn’t know where the puppies were, but the mama dog kept telling them where to dig. Eventually, they only found the puppies, and the story had a happy ending. See how good people helped a mama dog who called for help!