Ikea store in Italy opens its doors to local stray dogs and lets them sleep on rugs to keep them warm during winter


Too often we hear stories about people mistreating animals. Isn’t it lovely when something like this comes along? A story that is all about love and compassion? YES!

The retail giant, IKEA, now has an open door policy in their Catania, Italy store. The staff opens their doors, with the home store’s cozy furnishings, to stray dogs who would otherwise be on the streets freezing in the cold. Dogs otherwise forced to find shelter where they can, often curled up on cold concrete, shivering miserably, can now rest their weary heads on warm shag carpets, away from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Beppe Liotta via The Dodo

Since the employees allow the dogs in during store hours, customers have the opportunity to see the good deed first hand and their reactions are perfect!


One reaction to the photo above posted on Instagram says it all!


One customer, Martine Taccia, came into the store on a cold autumn day when she suddenly found a group of dogs cozily sleeping in a living room display.

She told The Dodo: “My reaction was pure amazement. It’s not a common thing.”


Opening the doors to keep the dogs warm isn’t the store’s only gift! As customers come into the shop, they get to interact with the dogs. Some of the shoppers have decided to then open their homes to the dogs, adopting them into their families. Does it get any better than that?