Emaciated Pit Bull, Covered In Thousands Of Ticks And Unable To Walk Left To Die On Bridge!


A young man named Gabriel passed by on a skateboard, and wanted to help. He had seen a touching video about a dog named Jordan who was maimed and thrown in a river so he knew to call Hope For Paws. Founder Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli located the pit bull.

Unable to walk he was carried to the vehicle, rushed to the hospital, and named Dennis on the way. They began the process of picking off every tick and cleaning him up.

It was also learned that Dennis had severe anemia so Lisa rushed her rescue Pit Bull, Lola to the hospital where she donated blood.

Dennis had blood transfusions and spent 5 days struggling for his life. He was seen by Cardiologists, Neurologists and Internal Specialists, but sadly his condition was too advanced.

Unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings but Dennis deserves to be remembered and his story needs to be told.

If you see an animal suffering and in need, please act swiftly.