Mama Dalmatian With Huge Stomach Gives Birth. Vet Realizes Big Mistake When Puppies Are Born


Who doesn’t love cute puppies?

For one, these little creatures love cuddling, and most people love that too. However, for you to have a puppy, there must be the mom who gives birth to the litter. Miley’s family knew that, and that’s why they made sure to give her the best care when she was pregnant. She needed to be comfortable and well-fed. They did all that!

During the pregnancy, the big Dalmatian dog was taken to the vet who said that she expected around 3 puppies. But the dog’s owner wasn’t really convinced with that. In her estimation and judging from Miley’s huge belly, the dog was carrying around 15 pups. Well, forget the vet and the owner. They both turned out wrong!

Come the moment of delivery, and the dog delivered 16 healthy pups. Everyone was amazed, but that wasn’t even the end of it. Merely 14 hours later, Miley gave birth to 2 more “kids!” Total? 18 puppies. She broke the Australian record!
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