This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Rescue Kitty, And It Can’t Get Any Cuter


There are many ways to have a memorable (and convincing) proposal, and our man Jerad Forsyth knew just how to nail it! The two met on a blind date 2 years ago, and thing’s been so well that they decided to bring the relationship to the next level… by adopting a kitten. Kat was supposed to be the one to go to the Erie county SPCA and pick him up. “I thought Jerad was at work,” Kat said. “I was very surprised… They handed me [a cat] and asked me to read the tag. Jerad’s aunt works at the SPCA so I figured she bought us the name tag.”

“Will you marry me?.” said the tag around the kitty’s neck. The next thing she knew, Jerad was waiting there, looking handsome in a suit and getting down on his knee to ask her the important question.

And you know it! SHE SAID YES!! However, we don’t know if the yes was for the cat or for the man though. You need to see the video for yourself!

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One couple recently decided to adopt a rescue cat, and the woman was supposed to pick him up.

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What she didn’t know was that her man was planning to propose to her at SPCA and was preparing a surprise.

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“I thought Jerad was at work,” Kat told Metro. “They handed me [a cat] and asked me to read the tag”

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The next second Jerad showed up, all dressed in a suit and getting down on his knee to pop the question.

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The bride-to-be said ‘yes’ to the man (and the kitten!)

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The rescue kitty who was named Gandalf is happy and has already bonded with his older brother dog Shamus.

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Now that Jerad and Kat are about to start planning the wedding, we wonder if there will be any pets involved…

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