Easygoing Deer Demands Attention From Man Walking Home And Steals French Fries


Before going camping, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the wildlife that may be near your campsite and what to do if you encounter them. Being careful not to disturb the animals dwelling in proximity to your campground is important as not only do you want to respect their privacy but ensuring they don’t steal your food or make you their meal is pretty critical if you wish to have a positive camping experience.

When John Dolan was approached by a deer one day, he wasn’t camping. Instead, he was walking back to his son’s Hugo, Minnesota home on January 5, 2020. Although deer are usually very timid creatures, Dolan and his family were stunned that the beautiful doe was actually quite assertive.

It all started when Dolan saw the creature walking up to his son.

“My son was going to get his mail and I noticed the deer approaching him, so I quickly grabbed my phone and started to record.”

In the video, we witness the deer walking confidently alongside Dolan’s son as if they’re long-time best friends. “Pet him,” Dolan calls out. When his son strokes the deer’s fur, she doesn’t even budge.

Then moments later, the friendly deer walks over to Dolan himself. “Hello, hi,” he says.

“I couldn’t believe it when she saw me and came right over to me, I’m sure to see if I had any food.”

The large doe goes back and forth between Dolan and his son to get their attention. She even rubs her head against Dolan, just like a tame cat or dog would to its owner.

Then once the Dolan family reaches Dolan’s son’s house, they quickly realize why the deer was so friendly: She was hungry!

“Shortly after, my son’s girlfriend pulled up in her car and you can see from her reaction how amazed we all were. The doe quickly stuck her head into the car and started to munch on some french fries.”

At first, the girlfriend was worried the large animal would enter her vehicle, but then she realized all she wanted was her fries.

“Oh my God. What is happening right now?” the girlfriend says in complete disbelief as she slowly strokes the deer’s fur. “Hello, are you hungry?”

Although it was an unexpected experience, the Dolans, including Dolan’s son’s girlfriend, found it to be a special moment.

“It’s the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen. A beautiful healthy doe, just cruising the neighborhood. Cars passing and neighbors quickly took notice of this crazy and awesome experience,” Dolan said.

A neighbor even came up and said the deer was probably looking for some corn. Dolan stopped filming as the family then went inside the house to open up a can of corn for the hungry deer. How adorable!

Source: Metaspoon/Daily Mail