Chihuahua Excited To Meet Newest Addition To Family


Some people love babies, other folks love puppies, but what happens when you combine the two together? Well, you’ll get a totally adorable experience that will tickle you in all the right places! Sometimes when we hit record, we’re lucky enough to capture a sight we’ll remember forever. Thankfully this family caught a sweet moment in time that will definitely warm your heart. In this video clip, Quica the chihuahua is meeting mom and dad’s newborn baby for the very first time. Who will end up being the cutest of them all?

Well, this hot tamale has nothing to worry about, because they’re both too adorable to resist! Quica can’t stop wagging her tail when she spots baby Nicholas all swaddled up in dad’s arms, and she wants to get a closer look at her new best friend. After dad bends down and gives the pooch a sneak peak at the household’s newest family member, she flops down on her back, pushes her puppy paws into the air, and then wriggles around on the floor like a happy little worm! But, that wasn’t enough, and like all dogs, what Quica really wanted was a cuddle from the furless little guy.

As the cutie inches closer and closer to Nicholas, it quickly becomes apparent that they have something in common – they’re the exact same size! The adorable brown nugget tries to go in for a kiss, but then dad teases the fun-loving pup by keeping the baby just out of her doggy licks. The larger than life personality can’t get enough of her future playmate, so she flops back down on the ground and just stares at him with puppy love in her eyes. Watch the video below to see just how adorable it is when a puppy and a newborn meet for the very first time.