The Dog Who Is The Savior


We all have heard of dogs being a man’s best friend. However, some dogs are lot more than that – like Biyou. In Ohio lives one family who have everything to take care of, from quarter houses, cats, birds to dogs. And in them was Biyou, a dog that kept a guard on everything. The video tells of Biyou’s heroics.

The tale starts one day, when Lisa was unwell, confined to her home. Cass, an aged horse escaped from the ranch, and into the woods. Lost and trying to find its way back, it tried to cross a frozen creek and fell in. A little later, when Lisa started searching for Cass, she found the horse in the freezing water. Unfortunately, she fell in herself as she tried to rescue Cass. There was no way to get out with all the clothes that she was wearing, and she could find herself sinking in. As she prepared for the inevitable, Biyou stepped in.

The video is a true story of how dogs can help us in unimaginable ways. It is a story that tells us just how much they love us and what they can do for it. Watch the video to know how Biyou saves Lisa.

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