Irish Wedding Party’s Crazy Antics At 5 AM Go Viral


When Clodagh McCarthy’s sister Patrice tied the knot with her beloved hubby at Kishane House in County Tipperary, they were not about to let the moment pass without engaging in an Irish tradition. Clodagh sat near Patrice and their brother Ronan at a table during a lull in the party. They decided on the spur of the moment to blend their beautiful voices and join in an Irish wedding singalong called “Ho, Ro, the Rattlin’ Bog.” This song’s roots can be traced back to Collon Monastery located in County Louth. Irish scouts could be heard singing this upbeat song while they sat around the campfires located there.

While there wasn’t a bonfire at this wedding reception, there was plenty of peppy people. Despite being 5 a.m., the family couldn’t stay quiet. This Irish family’s singalong was shockingly good considering they had been celebrating Patrice’s nuptials for hours. Clodagh has been quoted saying that “no wedding is complete without a singing.” With their charming Irish accents, Clodagh sported a sparkling black dress and took the lead on the vocals and sounded incredible.

Patrice was perched on her brother’s lap and harmonized along with her sister, joining in on the chorus and throwing in a few sound effects. This jovial song was quite festive and Patrice even stared stomping her feet along to the beat.