This Dog Disappeared For Two Years. When She Reappeared. I Shed Tears


It was in December 2013 when April Morris’pit bull went missing. The family that lives in Bennettsville, SC did all they could to find their dog, including offering a reward worth $500. All hope was lost after searching for months without success.

Then, almost 2 years down the line, they saw their dog, Nina Louise featuring in a footage in one of the nightly news. That happened over the past Saturday and Nina was one of those rescued from a cockfight within Marlboro County, SC. Morris immediately caked the local Humane Society and claimed her dog. Immediately Nina saw the family, she ran towards them whilewagging her tail. Morris revealed that they were happy to be reunited with their dog, although it was in bad shape. They thought the reunion was odd and at the same time a true miracle.

The Humane Society of Marlboro County had another surprise for April Morris’ family. Their dog had delivered 10 puppies. At the moment, all the puppies are adopted and once they’re weaned, they will leave for their homes. Nina Louise is now in safe hands as she is receiving the loving care she has been missing while on her way to full recovery.

Reports have revealed that 27 people were arrested during the bust on various charges of cockfighting and their cases are underway. It’s believed that they used Nina to train dogs to master the fighting

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