When I saw this Boy jump onto the Roof, I fell off my chair


If a person does not live in the mountains, it is difficult to imagine that someone would think about a goat more than about a puppy. However, watching this video featuring some of the cute kids I’ve put together could change your mind.

I may be wrong, but it must have been a mountain goat. I could not believe the agility and speed of these children. When did I see some of them jumping? I had to rub my eyes several times in disbelief. To be honest, I’m still scared.

I don’t know where to start because there are so many things to mention in this post. Usually goats are everywhere. Together they jumped to the roof in one jump! Sure, it was the top of a doghouse or something, but it was pretty steep and the goat could turn on the slope like a spider!

What about a kid jumping back and forth on the backs of two Scottish ponies surrounded by free chickens? Wow! This sight surprised me, but it did not prepare me to walk up and down the long, long, long tunnel!

Anything else? There are many baby bleat there: one is playing with the dog, the other is saying a cute blot and making noise as he leaves the barn. Gosha, this video is awesome!