4 Couples Took Dancing To New Heights


Many people dream of going back to the “good old days”. Even if it’s technically impossible, the team dance show will make you feel like you’re traveling through time!

Recorded during the National Jitterbug Championship at Hollywood Camp. The LA Shag team hit the dance floor in old clothes and ready to compete.

But instead of four couples jumping around with tons of energy, their habit starts out a little weirder…

Luckily, many of these shows have been filmed and the shows below are included.

Pascal DeMaria , Youtube

The members of LA Shag begin to dance while pretending to be asleep. But don’t worry, this is not a “sleep party”.

Time to get up and shine.

Even the music adds to the old atmosphere.

In the background, the jazz tune “The Sun” performed by the Californian band Feetwarmers plays.

The song sounds the same as it did a few decades ago, but Californian footbands, like modern music, love hot jazz, ragtime and blues.

The song itself makes them step on their feet.

All couples dance very well. Surprisingly, they can sync as a group during a concert.

The dancers’ steps are fast, and to be honest, it’s a style that seems like an absolute blast (albeit annoying).

According to the CollegiateShag.com website, it originated in the 1930s and includes “high energy leg exercises” and “basic jumps”.

A viewer commented:

“Wow… 10 seconds later I’m on the floor for this dance!” Bravo to all dancers!

Others seemed to have returned to their youth, and it was not only about vintage hairstyles, shoes and clothes.

Real dance also evokes good memories.

Someone wrote: “Amazing dance – reminiscent of our adolescence”, and another wrote: “Oh, I’m young again …”

Pascal DeMaria , Youtube

There are never boring moments during training.

LA Shag members expend a ton of energy to fly across the floor and switch places regularly.

Or when the dancers line up in two rows and do the bunny jump.

Other Viewer:

“This is amazing. It’s also a lot of fun. Amazing dancers!!

During the magnificent performance of the group, applause is heard.

But in the end, the crowd goes crazy.

According to Camp Hollywood, the Los Angeles Step won in the “team” category in the 2014 competition.

No wonder they are so talented!

If you need something to turn your foot, this might help.

Click the play button below to see this amazing dance with your own eyes!

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