Farmers Concerned About Frantic Mom Horse Realize Strange Noises Are Coming From Ant Hole


On a farm in Brazil, a group of men got the surprise of a lifetime one day when they noticed something odd about their horse Boneca. The last time the farmers had seen their horse she had been pregnant. However, they noticed right away that she didn’t appear to be anymore – yet there was no baby in sight. This meant that her newborn was somewhere out on the farm when it should have been with its mother.

The next peculiar thing the farmers noticed was Boneca’s behavior. She seemed frantic and was “going crazy” – as if she was asking for their help. They decided that it was time to search the farm for the newborn. It didn’t take long before they heard strange noises coming from a large ant hole. Hitting them like a ton of bricks, it was obvious the horse had somehow fallen in – meaning it was in serious danger.

YouTubeOne of the farmers grabbed a metal hoe and began the mission of rescuing the baby horse from the frightening ant nest. He had to be extremely careful though – as to not injure it in the process. Suddenly after some digging they could see the tiny horse’s head! It was a miracle that the men found Boneca’s baby, and you can watch the entire amazing rescue for yourself in the video below. Just wait until you hear what they named her little guy – it’s perfect!