The Cat’s Owner Provided a Dose of Laughter as She Trimmed Her Pet’s Nails


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The video has received over 1,600,000 views to date, with the owner getting all the attention by cutting off his cat’s claws.

The hostess, without fear and without hesitation, hugged the cat and began to cut her nails. At the same time, the cat scratched his hand several times and whistled several times. But the hostess did not hesitate to express her feelings!

If you bite me, I’ll bite you too,” the owner said to the cat with a serious expression on her face. When the animal hissed at her, the owner did the same, the owner said he could do the same.

Watch a funny video where the owner of the cat laughs, clipping his pet’s claws.

the cat’s owner provided a dose of laughter as she trimmed her pet’s nails