UPS Guy Surprised By Tiny Intruder During Delivery


A smart doorbell is pretty handy when it comes to knowing who enters your property. As soon as someone presses it, you’ll get a notification right away. It’s a good piece of equipment when it comes to making sure your package arrives at your doorstep.

Little did Amanda Atkins of Lincoln Square knew that she was about to see something really interesting recorded from her home camera when the UPS driver came for a delivery that day.


Amanda was notified that someone had pressed her doorbell. When she took a look at her phone, she saw the UPS driver carrying her package. And to her surprise, she saw him with a squirrel on his back.


It turned out that the squirrel was on Amanda’s fence the whole time. It was probably playing there or was looking for something to eat. From there, it jumped onto the man’s shoulder without fear. The funny thing was that the squirrel was so chill about it. It wasn’t scared and it didn’t panic when it stepped on Oscar Luciano’s back. Oscar himself reacted calmly as well and merely laughed out loud.


The very next day, Oscar had another package to deliver to Amanda’s house. When he got to her home, she told him that her security camera was able to catch what happened. She asked if she could give a copy to Oscar and he immediately said yes.

Oscar was actually thinking of how he’d tell his wife about what has just happened. It was really unusual and unexpected that he thought his wife wouldn’t believe him. After all, how often do you encounter a squirrel in such way? Good thing there was evidence!

In an interview, he shared:

I was just there bobbing my head jamming to music, and all of a sudden I felt a tug. It startled me. The only thing that went through my mind is, my wife would never believe what just happened to me. I felt like Snow White with all her animal friends.

Squirrels aren’t really aggressive animals so what happened to Luciano wasn’t that unusual. The good thing is that the squirrel didn’t feel trapped or threatened as that would have made it defend itself. Luciano was also cool about it. He didn’t panic, brush off the animal or hurt it. Although friendly in nature, squirrels can bite if they feel like they have to.

To see the exact video Luciano proudly showed to his wife, you can watch the full video below