Mom Tells Husband About Drug Deals At Playground So He Shows Up With Plan To Scare Them Off


eremiah Fjeld and his family recently moved into their new home in Virginia Beach. They live right across the street from the neighborhood playground where children are constantly running around and having fun.

One day, Jeremiah’s wife called him in a panic. She said she’d witnessed a drug deal taking place just 20 feet away from their kid at the park. Many of their neighbors had also seen this happening on a regular basis.

Jeremiah grew so sick and tired of the alleged drug deals that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

First, the doting dad called the police — but he also wanted to confront the situation head-on.

Jeremiah walked across the street and right up to the person he claimed was selling drugs, grabbed him by the backpack and warned him to never return to the playground again.

“This is for our kids and it’s not for you to do your drug deals,” he told him.

But Jeremiah wanted to take things a step further by sending the clearest message possible to his new community.

Watch the video below to see why this husband and father is being hailed a neighborhood hero.

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