Ice skater is motionless but once the music starts playing ‘Hallelujah’ the room is brought to tears


Talent and skill is something that cannot be taken away. That is the case for ice skaters especially- athletes we love to watch twirl, jump, and dance on the ice.

Taryn Jurgensen is one ice skating champion who can glide over the ice with no problem.

Ice skating wasn’t always so interesting to watch.

It used to be a very stiff and boring sport to watch until the “Father of Modern Figure Skating” decided that it should be more fluid in the 1860s.

It is now one of the most popular Olympic sports for viewers.

Taryn is a natural when it comes to ice skating. She has been skating ever since she was a young child, and her dedication and commitment to the sport have certainly paid off.

She was able to show everyone her amazing skills during a local show in LA.

Taryn glided onto the ice and stood extremely still as she waited for her song to start up at the Los Angeles Showcase.

The song she chose, “Hallelujah,” is by Alexandra Burke. As the song begins to play Taryn begins to move.

She nails every jump and twirl she attempts as she shows off her amazing talent on the ice.

She is exceptionally good at the sport and her years of practice have certainly made a difference.

Taryn ended up winning the Funakoshi Trophy due to her amazing performance. Her skills, elegance, and grace worked together to dazzle both the judges and the audience.

The video of her ice skating routine was shared online and has more than 14 million views to date.

Taryn has obviously held tight to her dreams of being a wonderful performer.

Her graceful ice skating skills have become an inspiration for others who are trying to hold on to their dreams.

We wish nothing but the best for her!

Source: Healthsumo