Dog Hilariously Expresses His Disappointment When Dad Picks Him Up From The Vet


So, in light of everything discussed above, it’s really easy to understand exactly why Luke the boxer is a tad bit upset with his owner, in the video below.

Luke’s family had taken him to the vet for his checkup and he had to be left there for a bit, as a part of his appointment. Now we know that no dog likes the vet, let alone having been left behind in the dreaded place—but it is what it is, right? Well, not quite!

Upon their return, the family sees that the dog is ready to be picked up but is giving them the most hilarious look ever! Watch what happens as the owners start to record and move the camera around from one end to the other. The pup doesn’t drop his gaze, and for all we know, he’s probably thinking, “Wait till you get me home!” Word has it that later on, he wouldn’t face his owners or get out of the car once he got home!

How have your pets reacted to going to the vet? We’d love to know in the comments below!