Handsome Irish Men Take Center Stage At Reception For Dance That Wins Over The Internet


Newlyweds love to create a ceremony and reception that’s not just fun, but memorable for all of their guests. Whether it’s highlighting the elaborate gown, serving a delicious dinner or orchestrating a crazy walk up the aisle after saying “I do,” you never quite know what to expect anymore at a wedding. Rob Wilson and bride Mairead McCargo are no different. For their reception at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast, Ireland, Rob and his wedding party, along with dozens of male guests, channeled their inner Michael Flatley and had the reception room rocking at one point.

So far the video of this huge group of guys Irish dancing has garnered more than three million views and it’s no wonder why. Men of all ages sauntered out onto the dance floor for this festive reception surprise and the ladies go gaga for their masculine dancing. The men lock their arms at their sides and begin flipping and flapping their feet, turning and shouting around, impressing everyone in the room. The three lines of guys draw loads of catcalls and cheers from the gals in the crowd.

One of the men breaks free and performs a solo in the front, looking pretty suave and fleet footed. He definitely has some smooth moves. Another guy decides to be a goofball and gooses the rear of the guy in front of him whose reaction is priceless. He definitely did not expect that! The Lord of Riverdance better watch out because there’s a new group of guys ready to steal the spotlight. Their final move prompts the reception guests to break out in screams and clapping. What an amazing show they put on, and you can watch it in the video below!