Dog Abandoned In Desert Gets Tear Jerking Transformation


This is Dorothy – completely alone, wounded, and wandering alongside the road. During this time, Dorothy met kind strangers who would soon become her loving caretakers. But at first, Dorothy had to build the trust that she lost when someone had dumped her out in the desert. Her rescuers couldn’t even tell whether she was male or female because her fur was so matted. But they someone knew she was a sweet girl, and they called her Dorothy.

Dorothy’s story is heart-warming. The whole time, Dorothy was a beautiful, kind dog, but after her transformation, Dorothy’s sweet nature shines. When she received care from the vet, she immediately perked up just to be clean. She loved the care and love being shown to her!

After her recovery, Dorothy was put up for adoption to be accepted in a new, loving family. Only two months later, Dorothy found a new home where she will be forever taken care of. We love stories of animal rescue and the finding of new homes. And Dorothy’s miraculous story isn’t one to miss!