Families Adopt 11 Rescued Puppies In Random Order, Lose It When They Meet Them For The First Time


When one sharp resident in Detroit caught some strange sounds coming from a neighboring property, he knew he had to find out somehow. His first instinct was to call an animal rescue team since the sounds seemed to be that of an animal. He called The Michigan Humane Society, and they showed up ASAP.

Turns out, the sounds were from a dog’s litter hidden deep in the backyard. They had to lure out the mama dog, named Raina, and convince her that they were just there to help. It wasn’t easy, but Raina finally gave in. She and her litter of 11 pups were saved. Next? The adoption ceremony!

After the little cuties were treated and cared for, it came time for adoption. There were people interested in taking them, but they had agreed to take them even before seeing them one-on-one. That’s where the twist comes in!