Dog Reunited With Owner Can’t Believe It’s Him.. But When He Finally Picks Up His Scent


Early last year, Willie the little pup was abandoned on someone’s front porch, someone who turned out to be Shane Godfrey. Shane found him and decided to adopt him. Awesome!

The two fell for each other. However, things turned a little sour when Shane fell ill. He was hospitalized for 5 weeks. His condition was deteriorating and he even lost a lot of weight. During this period, his sister housed and lived with Willie. After a tough battle, Shane finally made it through and was discharged. What happened next is what’s making this video ignite the internet!

So Shane is sitting on a bench in the yard waiting for to be reunited with Willie. When Willie spots him from a distance, he comes running, but then he mistakes him for an intruder. The dog starts barking at his owner!

That’s when Shane’s sister intervenes and slowly leads Willie towards Shane. Now wait for that special moment when Willie finally gets close enough to catch Shane’s scent. Dog noses don’t lie!

It’s all love and fireworks! Kisses, hugs, tail-wags, butt-hits and wiggles. This is awesome. What a reunion!

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