Cute Tiny Girl Closes Her Eyes To Sing Favorite Christmas Hymn – Warms Everyone’s Hearts Within 1st Note


If there’s a small 4-year-old with a true passion for music, it’s Claire Ryan. Claire has totally stolen millions of people’s hearts with her cute antics and outright singing mastery. To make it even better, she does all this in the company of her own cool dad. Give it up for these two!

Since the day her dad grabbed a guitar and sang for her little angel, the two have become an item in matters music. In fact, they’ve recorded and posted some pretty captivating videos of their singing sessions and scored quite a following online. This time around, she’s about to knock your socks off with one heck of a performance of a popular Christmas song!

From the moment Claire starts voicing out the lyrics to “Silent Night” to the very second she ends the show, people are truly captivated. She’s talented and bold and so cute! You just have to take one look at her and drop in awe!

Hit the play button here and see what this small person did at a Christmas time.
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