Baby Fox Plays With Dog’s Toy Like He’s A Puppy — And It Couldn’t Be Cuter


There’s something so sweet about animals in nature who prove that they’re just like any other baby.

Take this tiny foal as the perfect example. The young horse is so excited about his new bed and can’t stop rolling around on it, just like a little puppy. I would have never expected that, would you?!

Then there’s this playful Flowerhorn fish. He swims right up to the man in the video and starts to play with him. I was completely blown away! We’ve seen a lot of sweet animal babies who love to have a little playtime or get their bellies rubbed by humans, but what a tiny fox does in this next video tops the list for me.

When it comes to the animal kingdom, foxes are probably some of the friendlier animals out there, as you can see in this video of one interrupting a game of golf for his own enjoyment. Yet seeing a fox play with actual toys, like the little neighborhood visitor in this next video does. As you can see, the home owner must have noticed the cute baby fox appear on their front lawn and start playing with their dog’s toys, after the dog made it very obvious he disapproved.