Alaskan Malamutes On Their Way To The Groomer, Sing Their Hearts Out And Melt Everyone’s Hearts


Have you ever heard a dog sing – like sing…sing?

Well, you would be interested to witness one breathtaking moment when a group of 3 canine friends take on a song and make the world bow to them. In fact, these two do this twice every day!

On this occasion, the three – Leila, Travis, and Zoe, are on their way to the grooming place. They’re in the car with their human dad and mom, but that won’t stop these fur buddies from blasting out their voices in unison. It’s like a choir!

You could worry about the humans in the car amid all the noise and the “choir” thing going on, but they’ll tell you that they love it. They’re used to it. That’s why you’ll love it too. These canines don’t leave anything to chance. How do you expect them to let a good singing session slip by? They’re awesome!