The dog is watching his dreamy owner, but her way of waking him up is simply adorable


We can’t always blame the dog, but we’ve seen it rudely wake up its owner. Sometimes puppies are so happy before the start of the day that they need to wake up everyone in the house. They want to have breakfast or just want to go out and run. Regardless of their motives, it’s hard to get angry when you wake up and see your dog’s loving face, in other words, it doesn’t contain saliva.
Meet Lexi the Samoyed.

Traditionally, Samoyeds are known for their large but beautiful appearance. At 19-23 inches tall, these dogs represent a natural force. Although they take up a lot of space, they are known for their softness and adaptability.
I can’t wait for Lexi to start the day and go for a morning walk. Dad is still sleeping, and Lexi can’t walk without a partner.
What is Lexi doing? She raised her paws as she watched her lover fall asleep.

She carefully placed it on Tom’s chest, not wanting to separate the beauty.

Lexi’s first move didn’t work and Tom turned his head, still asleep.

Still, nothing? Lexi is starting to sweat. She takes matters into her own hands, and places her paw on Tom’s face.
Surely, he’ll notice her now.​

Unfortunately, Lexie’s efforts paid off and Tom’s eyes widened.