Chuck Norris’ mother, who worked the night shift to lift her three sons out of poverty, is celebrating her 102nd birthday


Chuck Norris congratulates his mother on her 102nd birthday!
Left without money from her ex-husband, Wilma had to work nights to raise her three children.
Chuck has always been protective of his mother since childhood.

On March 2, 2023, Chuck Norris shared on Facebook a post he wrote to celebrate the birthday of his mother, Wilma Norris Knight. In the post, the actress shared a photo of her mother sitting next to her in a tender embrace.

On May 4, 2023, the star stated that he could not believe that his mother, born in 1921, was old. The most amazing thing, he said, was that he was full of life to live another hundred years!

Chuck noted that his mother’s birthday was a week before Mother’s Day. The celebrity admitted that she was “thankful to God” for the three women who influenced him in his life, without whom he would not be the man he is today.

“Happy birthday my 102 year old new mom!”

In a post dated May 1, 2023, the celebrity stated that he did not know which of the two events is more difficult to believe: a 102-year-old mother or an 83-year-old child! The actror said that Wilma was and always will be “so grateful” for being his “mom”.

He noted how they’d “been through thick and thin” together and were still progressing. Chuck also declared his love for his mother, who’d sacrificed a lot for her children and asked her to save him a slice of birthday cake.

How did Wilma manage to raise three kids on her own, and why is Chuck so protective of her?

In May 2012, Wilma appeared on The Mike Huckabee Show and spoke candidly about her life. Chuck’s mother calls him “protector”, his brother Aaron calls him “sunshine”, and Wieland, Norris’ last son who died in Vietnam, is his “hero”.

The actor’s mother revealed that he would always be Carlos, his birth name, to her instead of Chuck. Wilma explained why she called him her defender, saying when they were poor, the star took the role of the man of the house because his and his brothers’ father had abandoned them.

While Chuck’s mother worked the night shift, he looked after his siblings. The star, who was about 14 at the time, sat down with her mother and discussed what to pay when the bill came.

Speaking of Aaron, Wilma confesses that her family was so poor when she arrived that they didn’t know how to feed him. Despite the difficulties, the family was overjoyed when the boy was born, bringing “the sun” into their lives.

Wieland was called “carefree”, loved by everyone and “mama’s boy”. Explaining why her first husband left the family, Wilma believed that service in World War II had changed something in the father of her children.