Wildlife Parks Removed Parrots From Exhibit ​For Cursing Viewers


An unusual message came from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Sanctuary Zoo in the UK – the five gray parrots that cursed visitors were to be removed.

The birds have been temporarily relocated, and this unusual news has delighted many animal lovers around the world.

The gray parrot is known as the Congo gray parrot or the African gray parrot and is an old parrot from the genus Psittacidae. These parrots are known to be the best talkers in the avian world, and they can mimic a lot of words, learn to speak long sentences, or sing songs.

Five gray parrots, named Billy, Elsie, Eric, Jade and Tyson, had to be moved elsewhere at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park as they swore at visitors.

Some time ago, when the singer Beyoncé was performing the song “If I Were A Boy,” a parrot was caught on camera in the park. Hear what an amazing gray parrot is in the video from the front!